Panicsel IPMI Project

Project Overview - IPMI Tools and Panic Handler Enhancements

NOTE: This project has moved to All recent version development for panicsel IPMI software has been under the new name and location, as the ipmiutil project.

UPDATE 01/15/05: ipmiutil-1.5.6 has been released at

Without some additional panic handling features installed, a Linux system can panic and halt, or panic and reboot without leaving any indication that a panic has occurred. This project uses firmware-based non-volatile storage to record some panic information. This project contains both a kernel module and various panicsel utilities. The bmc_panic functionality from the kernel module has been migrated into the OpenIPMI driver via CONFIG_IPMI_PANIC_EVENT. Note that this generates an event to the firmware, recorded in the firmware System Event Log (SEL), which can also trigger an SNMP trap, if the BMC LAN and PEF features are configured.

The panicsel IPMI utilities provide a series of utilities that perform setup for the BMC LAN & PEF (pefconfig), as well as other common IPMI server management functions. These utilities can be used separately, or merged with a larger server management subsystem. See descriptions of each utility below.

The panicsel utilities below require an IPMI Driver, which can be either the MontaVista OpenIPMI driver (/dev/ipmi0 or /dev/ipmi/0), the Intel IPMI driver (/dev/imb, 'ipmidrvr', 'ipmi_comb') or the valinux IPMI Driver (/dev/ipmikcs).

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This a community-based effort to add to existing efforts to improve or enhance the existing Panic Handler solution in Linux.   If you are interested in participating in or contributing to this project, please send mail to the mailing list found  here