Intel Server Management Support via IPMI

There are several open-source IPMI driver projects in the nav bar on your left (OpenIPMI from cminyard, ipmi_comb, etc.), which support the /dev/imb interface that Intel Server Management software uses on Linux. The ISC 3.5.2 or ISM software works with these drivers.

There is also an 'ipmidrvr' rpm that is delivered with the ISC or ISM software. It is delivered in binary form for a number of OSs. However, one that is not currently delivered for this rpm is a version for RedHat Advanced Server 2.1. You can download a RH AS 2.1 version of ipmidrvr here: ipmidrvr-2.4.9-e.3smp.i386.rpm

Note that the OpenIPMI driver can now be used with ISC or ISM, if the OpenIPMI driver is version 31 or greater, and the imb emulation module from OpenIPMI is also loaded.